Atalaya welcomes baby lamb

Atalaya prides itself in providing a welcoming, natural environment to the many animals that make our courses’ green zones their home. These animals embellish both of Atalaya’s courses with a warm and natural ambiance.

Several weeks ago Andrés Sanchez, Atalaya’s … (+)

Atalaya celebrates “Día de Andalucía”

The 28th of February is an important public holiday in the province of Andalucia. Known as the “Día de Andalucia” this special day is celebrated each year to commemorate the approval by the Andalusian people in 1980 of the referendum … (+)

President’s Cup 2018 at Atalaya Golf

Winner of President’s Cup 2018 is Jaime Pinzón with 38 points!

President Michael Pollak and his wife Evelyn organised a fantastic dinner and dance party after the golf competition on Saturday the 10th of November.

At the halfway house Evelyn … (+)