Atalaya Golf & Country Club offers many activities for both its members and guests in addition to golf. One of the most successful of these is bridge. For the past 12 years Monday afternoons have been set aside at Atalaya for those who love this fascinating game to come together to challenge their skills.

On Monday, the 11th of March, Atalaya’s bridge club, now known as the Diamonds Bridge Club, celebrated 12 years of success. As is the tradition the agenda of the day included bridge followed by a special dinner party. This year’s venue was El Campanario Golf & Country House. The event proved to be a huge success, with 28 bridge players who were later joined by their spouses, partners, and friends for the evening’s special dinner.

Atalaya’s bridge club evolved organically more than 12 years ago when long-time Atalaya members Regina and Frank Beckmann invited a few friends for an afternoon of fun. Week one turned into week two and then week three and so on. More and more players regularly turned up for a hearty game, and all of a sudden what had started as a simple idea became a real-life entity.

The Diamonds Bridge Club meets every Monday at 15:30 in the clubhouse bridge room. Each week a sign-up sheet is posted on the bulletin board in the walkway across from the club’s administrative offices. Many Atalaya members, as well as guests, attend. English and German are the most common languages spoken. All are welcome. For additional information please send an email to:

For those who are looking for more than one bridge game each week, Atalaya, additionally, offers bridge on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Starting time is 16.00.

On Tuesdays the Benahavis-Bridge Club, with an international flavour, welcomes players from all over the world. English, Dutch, and French are the most common languages spoken. Scoring is recorded through the “Bridgemate” wireless system, and each session’s results are immediately available after play. For more information contact either Eric or Evelyn at:

Bridge Club Biznaga plays at Atalaya on Thursdays. The club’s organiser Phia van Lohuizen says that the club is first and foremost a social and friendly venue. After play each week tapas are served at the clubhouse restaurant, Ventanas de Atalaya. Bridge Club Biznaga also uses the “Bridgemate” system. For additional information please contact Phia at: