Local Rules


The Local Rules of Atalaya Golf and Country Club are as follows:

Out of bounds is defined by walls, fences, white lines or stakes defining the boundaries of the course and any part of the course so marked by the Committee.

The buggy path between the 1st and 9th holes (Old Course), marked with white lines is out of bounds. A ball coming to rest on or beyond the path is out of bounds.

A ball coming to rest on or beyond any public road is out of bounds, even if it comes to rest on another part of the course that is in bounds for another hole.

If it is known or virtually certain that a player´s ball hit a power line or tower or a wire or pole supporting a power line during play, the stroke does not count. The player must play a ball, without penalty, from where the original stroke was made.

Free relief may be taken from Abnormal Course Conditions (including Immovable Obstructions), such as temporary water, wooden barriers, young trees (identified with stakes or ropes), flower beds, ground under repair, buggy paths, irrigation systems etc.

On the 8th and 13th holes (Old Course), a ball coming to rest in the roadway / tunnel area may be played as it lies or from the marked dropping zone, without penalty.

When a player´s ball has not been found or is known or virtually certain to be out of bounds, the player may proceed under the Stroke and Distance Local Rule for a penalty of two strokes, rather than proceeding under stroke and distance.

Local Rules

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