Care of the Courses

At Atalaya, we work continuously to present golfers with the best possible playing conditions on both our courses. You can help us to keep the courses in tip-top condition and make sure your fellow golfers also enjoy their golfing experience at Atalaya.

Please follow these simple rules:

Sand Filler

Always ensure you have a supply of sand with you – all buggies have bottles of sand and there are additional bags of sand available at various points throughout the Old Course.

On the Tee Box

Please fill in any divots you make, particularly when using an iron for the tee shot.

Fairway Divots

Please repair all fairway divots, an even more important task, as a player’s ball can otherwise end up coming to rest in an old divot, making for a difficult shot. Please use the sand filler provided and tamp down the divot after filling.

Golf Buggies

When driving a buggy, please respect all signs directing buggy traffic to ensure the course is not damaged by the weight of the buggy or its turning wheels. Buggies are not permitted on or around greens or the approaches to the greens.

In damp ground conditions, please follow instructions from the caddy masters and marshals to keep to cart paths only or observe a 90º rule.

Bunker Care

Please enter bunkers from the closest side that can be easily walked along. Once the ball is out of the bunker, please rake footprints and ball marks with back-and-forth motions, leaving a smooth surface layer of sand.

Please leave rakes in the bunker after use.

Green Repairs

Please repair your pitch mark and at least one other when entering the green. To fix a mark, you should always use a pitch mark repair tool and push the soil towards the centre of the mark from all four sides. Once repaired the surface should be tamped down with a putter.

Balls should be retrieved from the hole by hand. Please do not retrieve balls by using a putter head or by pulling the flag stick up sharply.

How to repair a pitch mark

How to replace divots