About the club


Friendly, courteous & professional staff

Opened in 1968 the Bernhard von Limburger designed Old Course makes Atalaya one of the oldest and most prestigious clubs on the coast. Von Limburger was responsible for 74 courses throughout Europe, although Atalaya is his only Spanish course. The New Course was added in 1990, to a Paul Krings design.

Unlike so many clubs in the area, Atalaya was established first and foremost as a golf club, as opposed to a real estate development. This heritage allows members and visitors alike to enjoy golf in natural surroundings, largely uncluttered by housing developments.

From the outset, Atalaya was conceived as an open golfing destination, where members and visitors alike would find a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Indeed a unique feature of the club is its diverse membership where no less than 36 nationalities can be found enjoying their golf in the Spanish sunshine. This diversity naturally attracts visitors from across Europe and further afield.

Great location – near you no matter where you are

Throughout its history, the club has undertaken significant investments in its two course as well as the club´s facilities. The club maintains a rolling five-year strategic plan setting out objectives for maintaining and improving the golf courses, including a comprehensive tree-planting plan. Over the years, subtle improvements to the original von Limburger design have been made to provide players with a fair but interesting challenge. In 2017, the club undertook a major investment in the first hole on the Old Course making it a very attractive opening to each round of golf. At the same time, a new café and terrace was built, to provide a convenient and attractive spot for pre-round refreshments while also acting as a “halfway house”. Uniquely, the first tee actually forms the roof of the café!

In 1998 the club built a substantial golf academy and full length practice hole, including all the necessary surfaces and conditions to practice and learn every aspect of the game. Visit our Golf Academy. The addition of a fully equipped gymnasium was made to the clubhouse in 2013 and a new outdoor terrace, with attractive views over the Old Course, was also constructed in 2001. More recently in 2018, a multi-storey car park adjacent to the clubhouse was completed providing spaces for over 150 cars  and with an eye to the future, includes a number of charging points for electric cars. In 2019, a complete refurbishment of the clubhouse and restaurant was completed, providing an attractive airy space for a drink at the bar or a meal in the restaurant.

The club understands to maintain its position as one of the foremost golfing destinations on the coast, we will continue to invest to ensure the best golfing experience for our members and visitors.