Hole 18

Par 5. Hcp. 3
• 545m • 545m • 430m

The longest and straightest hole on the course. A strong drive and well placed second shot are required in order to reach the green in regulation. The large green is … Read the rest

Hole 17

 Par 3. Hcp. 17
• 151m • 151m • 147m

Finding the right line can make this a reachable par 4 from the tee, but the safer option is to take a long iron towards the right and let the … Read the rest

Hole 16

Par 4. Hcp. 5
• 285m • 282m • 241m

Always play to the left side of this medium par 3, taking the bunker on the right side out of play. The green has two tiers.

Read the rest

Hole 15

Par 4. Hcp. 15
• 240m • 234m • 207m

There are two ways to play this short par 4 recovery hole which offers a very reasonable birdie opportunity. Attacking players should take on the right half of the green. … Read the rest

Hole 14

Par 5. Hcp. 1
• 474m • 469m • 421m

A semi-blind par 5 from the tee, the drive should be aimed in the direction of hole 16. The fairway slopes down into the green entrance, and should roll in … Read the rest