Atalaya prides itself in providing a welcoming, natural environment to the many animals that make our courses’ green zones their home. These animals embellish both of Atalaya’s courses with a warm and natural ambiance.

Several weeks ago Andrés Sanchez, Atalaya’s Director General, purchased three new sheep for our two golf courses – two females and a male. The trio quickly acclimated to their new surroundings, and now are cohabiting very positively with the large, brown sheep that has made Atalaya’s New Course his home for some time. The four sheep are continually spotted together. Daily they are expanding their territory, exploring more and more of the nooks and crannies that make both of Atalaya’s courses so special.

When catching a glimpse of the four as they meander about Atalaya’s green spaces, you will see a small and very welcome addition to the herd. The little one – likely a boy – arrived on the 17th of March – a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day present for Atalaya!

For the curious the brown sheep is called Morgan. The small, very white boy is Baart, and the two ewes are Butter Cup and Dolly. Butter Cup is the proud mother of the new lamb. Baart, Butter Cup, and Dolly were recently named by Atalaya member Jim Page, who submitted the winning entry in the club’s Sheep Naming Contest that was held earlier this month.

Please take a few minutes during your next round to enjoy these lovely creatures as they traverse our courses. They are one of the many features that make Atalaya Golf & Country Club one of the most desirable golf destinations on the Costa del Sol.