One of the benefits of being a member of Atalaya Golf & Country Club is the the opportunity to participate in numerous activities each and every week of the year. Not always are these events golf related.

As an example last Thursday, the 30th of May, a special Day Out attracted some 41 Atalaya members, family and friends. The venue was a walk on El Caminito del Rey.

Participants headed by bus from Atalaya’s parking lot a little after 09h00 primed for an exciting day. Most were feeling both anticipation and a bit of a thrill about what they would experience.

The opportunity to traverse the “Path of the King” which hangs some 100 metres above the Guadalhorce reservoir in the El Chorro Gorge is not an everyday event. The Caminito is located about 25 kilometres inland from the city of Malaga.

Unfortunately, only a few minutes into the bus ride to the King’s path, tour guide Manu announced that due to very windy conditions the Caminito was “closed” for the day. What a disappointment for everyone!

It all seemed a little surreal – like going to a concert and learning that the main act had cancelled at the last minute.

However, none of this slowed down the optimistic Atalaya delegation. The group made “lemonade out of lemons”, and the day went forward as planned.

First stop was for coffee at the Restaurante Hostal El Cruce in Ardales ( Next stop was the El Kiosko restaurant and bar ( from where everyone walked through the tunnel that leads to the walkway that provides access to the North entrance of El Caminito del Rey. The picturesque and pleasant walk is about 2.7 kilometres in length along a winding and gently sloping path about two metres in width. The return journey back to El Kiosko provided time to imagine what the day might have offered had the walk on the Caminito itself been a reality.

A traditional Spanish lunch followed at La Garganta, known as the “Balcony at El Caminito del Rey”, ( The restaurant/hotel is only a short drive from El Kiosko.

Throughout the day one of Atalaya’s festive members added a special treat for all to enjoy by entertaining the group with various harmonica tunes. He even provided a last goodbye melody as the bus arrived back at Atalaya.

All were tired and content. Even though the day was not the one anticipated, the experience will long be remembered with fond memories by everyone.