As we at Atalaya Golf & Country Club continue to upgrade our courses while our club is closed, the staging area adjacent to Tee N°10 on the Old Course is experiencing some welcome renovations. When the course reopens, members and guests will discover a larger and more functional waiting zone – one that is attractive and welcoming – one that contributes significantly to providing our golfers with a favourable, overall impression.

A great deal of planning has gone into incorporating the buggy path into the design of the tee box. An important consideration has been to accurately project the volume of traffic that the area receives. These factors are vital to the attainment of an efficient and functional facility area – one that is uncomplicated in design and offers a distinct flow pattern from the green of Hole N°9 to the tee box of Hole N°10.

The new area will provide adequate space for trolley and buggy circulation and parking while golfers access the tee box on Hole N°10, as well as the restrooms located nearby. Space for the erection of temporary tents and comfort stations during larger tournaments is also being created.

These changes are critical in helping to eliminate the bottleneck that golfers often experience when making the turn between the ninth and tenth holes, especially during larger competitions.

The project’s first step was to level to the appropriate surface grade for proper drainage and install subsurface drain outlets to ensure that the area never stays damp, even after heavy rain. Additionally, the old cart path has been integrated into the new paving scheme, and new concrete has been poured as a base.

As the project continues the entire area will be dressed with colourful, paving stones exactly like those that have previously been installed on the walkways/cart paths located near the clubhouse, kiosk and Tee N°1. Our brick layers Luis and Ezequiel will spend approximately three weeks of hand labour carrying out this work. Their task is intricate and demanding.

As a final touch the entire area will be enhanced with flowerbeds strategically placed to embellish the natural beauty of the course.

This project is just one example of many that demonstrates Atalaya’s continual committent to providing the best golfing experience possible on the Costa del Sol.