Atalaya QR Code

QR Codes at Atalaya Golf

QR codes are like bar codes that can be found on any product, is a code that contains information. In the case of Atalaya, the information leads the players directly to our booking site. It’s very easy to use it … (+)

Club house terrace reform

With this new construction will be possible to host more than 75 people in that area, from where you can enjoy the wonderful views of the golf course, hole 9 and 18 of the Old Course with the best environment … (+)

The new car park is already available

Atalaya Golf continues with his commitment of improving the customer´s experience starting from the arrival at the club, so after several years of negotiations with the owners (Construcciones Salamanca) of the adjoining land, just 200 meters away from the caddy … (+)

New Car park at Atalaya Golf

2 Machines have been contracted and are presently leveling the old tee area. Thanks to this agreement we have finally solved one of the biggest problems in Atalaya as well as many other courses along the coast, we will finally … (+)