Once again this year, Ferie for Alle, considered to be the most important travel trade show in Denmark (65.000 visitors), was held in Herning, Jutland. According to the organizers 25% of the total visitors were interested in the Golf Show therefore it is estimated that over 16,000 people visited the golf area of the trade show.

Denmark has a population of almost 5.5 million and over the last few years the number of golf courses has increased dramatically. According to the Danish Golf Union, there are about 180 golf courses and more than 150,000 federated golfers in the country.

The country has very good flight connections to Spain with direct flights to Malaga.

It appears that the country has recovered from the economical crisis but the Danes are very careful not to throw money away even though they are considered to be in the medium/high bracket. Spain is the number one destination when traveling abroad reaching the excellent figure of 985,000 tourists during 2013. For 2014 an increase in the number of Danes traveling to Spain is expected. Even though, in general terms, the market is price driven, golfers are looking for products that offer good value for money which means that our destination is still very attractive.

All the Atalaya Golf brochures (100) were handed out directly to people interested in our destination and who were offered the various golf packages. Considering the great interest shown we can expect to receive some direct requests in the coming weeks.