Have you noted that from the hundreds of planted trees in the Old and Atalaya New Course one of the most common is the Carob tree (Ceretonia Siliqua)?

Originally from Persia, has adapted perfectly at the Mediterranean climate. This tree is best known for its edible seeds that are used, among other things, as a chocolate substitute and bakery. It is a fantastic tree that grows well in dry climates, any ground, and grows in abundance in Southern Spain.

The always green leaves in abundance give also a very important shade and the seedpods are eaten by nearly all kind of animals.

The seedpods of the Carob tree look a lot like green-beans. Before they turn ripe they are bright, shinny green and measure about 5-7 inches in length. When ripe they darken to almost pure black and become somewhat withered. The seed pods hand in small clusters from the primary, secondary branches and even right out of the main trunk.