The big stars of the day were the cadets María Luque and Angel Parra Hidalgo Portillo, winners in their respective categories with respective returns of 69 (-3).

Another result under par (71 strokes) has awarded the victory to Antonio Cruz-Conde Rodriguez-Guerra in category Boy.

Among the children, Sara Garcia Real, after signing the par for the course, and Ronchel Sergio Salas, 73 strokes equaled Juan Manuel Lopez Dueñas, but with better difference of handicap winners were proclaimed in this last appointment before the summer break.

Also with a round of 73 strokes (+1) Laura Gomez Ruiz has won category Girl.

As for the category Youngsters, Alvaro Gutiérrez López-Aramburu repeated the victory he achieved last week in the second Puntuable Zonal Youth Championship in The Monacilla Golf Club, while the women’s rankings, Mimi Rhodes won first place with a sleeve 79 strokes.

Regarding the youngest, Daniel and Marta Casas Bagherian Echevarria Lopez added another victory unreservedly in this first phase of the competition.

Ranking Champions Phase I

In addition to first place in the Final, Laura Gomez, Sara Garcia, Angel Hidalgo, Mimi Rhodes, Daniel and Marta López Casas, were awarded as champions Ranking Andaluz in each of their respective categories during the first half of the year.

Also, they were also recognized for its regularity, Miguel Angel Jimenez Bravo (Boy), Ana Pelaez Trivedi (Cadet Women), Juan Manuel Dueñas (Male Child) and Beltran Fernández Barbadillo (Male Youngsters).

Once this spectacular final round of Circuit Boy, Girl, Cadet, Children, Youngsters and Benjamin de Andalucía, he proceeded to the awards ceremony in which they were present.

Results categories Boy, Girl, Cadet, Children and Youngsters

Results Benjamin Category