Many of you are probably wondering what has happened to Atalaya’s two white swans. They are nowhere to be seen by the tee boxes on Hole 12 of Atalaya’s championship Old Course. For so long they have lived in and around the lake near these tee boxes, but now they are gone. Where are they?

The pair has relocated to the New Course nearby the lake that is adjacent to the Hole 3 and Hole 4. They seem very content with the serenity in their new surroundings.

Andrés Sánchez Garcia, General Director of Atalaya Golf & Country Club, is asking all members and guests to refrain from disturbing the swans when the New Course is open from Monday, the 31st of May through Sunday, the 13th of June. During this period the Old Course will be closed for hollow tining and necessary maintenance.

Sánchez states: “The male has become aggressive, and we want to avoid problems.” Sánchez also asks for members and green fee guests to keep their dogs on a leash. Dogs should not be running freely or “… chasing ducks, swans or other animals on the courses.”

Our black swan, “Michael”, has also relocated. This swan is enjoying the open space and lakes around the tee boxes on Old Course Hole 13.

We at Atalaya Golf work daily to insure the well-being of our swans. Their health and happiness is of utmost importance to us. We respectfully ask all members and guests NOT to feed them. Bread scraps are NOT good for the swans and create numerous health problems for them.