For the tournament, 11 participants had gathered and at the subsequent lunch, we were 15 people.

Together with Andrés Sánchez, representing the Atalaya Golf & Country Club.

The result of the tournament, which was played as an AM-AM, was as follows:

1. Place: Ludwig Koller/Maureen Carey/Wolfgang Kurth/Doreen Hainsworth.

2. Place: Lynne Hood /Salim Manji/Ingelise Roed/Claes Goran.

3. Place: John Brooks/Margot Grinstead/ Eileen Audas.

But the result was of secondary importance because the president had donated a prize for each participant.

The delicious lunch was, as always, paid by the Atalaya Golf & Country Club.

Thus, all participants were able to enjoy a beautiful day, which is actually intended as much for the volunteer services for the golf club.