Twenty some members of Atalaya Golf & Country Club joined together in the practice area near the Tenth Hole of the Old Course on Wednesday, May 2nd to participate in a free short game clinic. The event was cosponsored by Titleist and Golfriend’s.

Alejandro Allepuz, Titleist’s representative for the South of Spain, including the Canary Islands, Andalusia and Valencia, conducted the informative workshop.

Allepuz spoke about how important the choice of ball is to a person’s overall success at golf. He encouraged everyone to test many balls to find the most suitable and then to play only that one ball. Allepuz further explained that a person’s ball must be appropriate for all four stages of one’s golf game: driving, fairway shots, approach shots and putting.

Allepuz next chatted in some detail about the various purposes that different wedges offer, stating that his goal was to help everyone better understand the “world of the wedge”.

Time was given for participants to test the various Titleist golf balls, as well as their wedges and Scotty Cameron putters. After the practice session Allepuz said, “I hope you learned something you did not know before”.

To show his appreciation to all who attended the clinic, Golfriend’s owner Antonio Valle generously presented each attendee with a Titleist golf hat. He also provided drinks and tapas prepared in Atalaya’s kitchen.

The accompanying photos and video vividly communicate the event’s success. Now, Titleist golf hats in a vibrant rainbow of colours will be seen everywhere at Atalaya.

Many thanks to both Titleist and Golfriend’s for organising this special clinic for Atalaya’s members. Events like this one are but one of the many reasons why Atalaya Golf & Country Club stands out 365 days a year for the excellent golf experience it provides to both members and guests.

Text, images and video by Tia Duerrmeyer.