It’s been 5 years since Atalaya Golf and Country Club made a major investment in their future with the complete redevelopment of the first hole on the Old Course. 

Despite the challenging economic conditions in Spain over the last few years, the best clubs invested to insure their long term prosperity. 

Brought about by the construction of a new access road to an adjacent property development, David Krause and his team were asked to create an exciting opening hole and make up for lost distance by extending the tees toward the clubhouse.  To make room for the road, the green was shifted about 40 m from the property line and framed by a series of mounds and a new water feature on the left.  Also supported by a sand bunker and deep grassy hollows, the new green places a great deal of importance on flag position as the approach shot can vary from being very easy to nerve wracking for even the experienced professional. 

The changes reflect the modern game and refresh some of the design ideas that have faded a bit over the past 50 years. Still, the hole retains the elemental character of one of the best Bernhard von Limburger designs.

Limburger loved Atalaya and lived here during the final years of his life. Golf course contractor Chameza Golf worked closely with Krause Golf Design, Atalaya General Manager Andres Sanchez, and Course Manager Manuel Cuadro in the creation of this picturesque golf hole.

Near the clubhouse, the re-establishment of the original professional tee and a new putting green were accompanied by an additional highlight: a rooftop tee on the new “refreshment kiosk”. Inspired by the avant-garde Austrian artist Hundertwasser, Golf Club President Alexander Hanschke took a simple concrete structure and created an Atalaya masterpiece, to be enjoyed before and after a round on the Old Course.  

Finally, a welcome addition was the entire 36 hole golf course is the development of a new underground parking facility.  Cut into difficult terrain beside the clubhouse, the parking structure was designed by local architect Alfonso Ruiz.

The new facilities have provided an additional 135 parking spaces along with storage and a power supply for both electric cars and golf cars. Andres Sanchez is pleased with the progress to date.  “It was a challenge to bring everything together at the Club as well as signing the property deal for the new parking facilities” he said about the € 2.2 million investment.  “We are very pleased with the results of the work by David Krause and his team”