Have you ever seen Atalaya’s Cats around the course? If not, we would like you to meet them.

Since almost 5 years ago, our courses have been the home to some cats of the area. We feed them and try to ensure their well-being by providing an untouched, natural habitat for them and all species that make our club their home.

Andrés Giesen, Assitant Manager at Atalaya, is the person who has spent the most time with them. He named the cats Linda, Gordo, Tigre, Negrita and Garfield.

Linda is probably one of the cats who has been around for the longest time and throughout the years she has developed a special bond with Lorena from the Kiosk.

Completely opposite to her is Garfield, which is very independent and comes around just from time to time.

You can enjoy some pictures of our cats and videos of Linda enjoying a beautiful sunny day and taking a refreshment by our fountain.