With this post we would like to share with you the opinion that Juan Carlos Piñero Sanchez, professional player and former player of the PGA European Tour, has about the refurbishment of hole 1 of the Old Course.

“Good morning to all members and Atalaya team:

First at all I would like to thank everyone and especially to the director Andres Sanchez, to allow me to enjoy these magnificent facilities and golf courses, and to his team, for the exquisite and familiar treatment that I receive.

After this and always in my humble opinion I would like to comment on the pleasant surprise that I have taken to see the great work of remodelling the first hole; initially I didn’t agree with the green finished, very well done by the way and will be an emblematic hole, I thought the tees above the putting green would be a second shot too long for this green; I think is made to attack him with a short club.

The other day I was with Andrés and told him the same thing but he said me that the tees were almost where they were before the works, so I congratulated him for this decision; although not all will be flattery, I also told him that in my opinion the fairway should not have too much movement, and be like the rest of the fairways and the original design vision.

Congratulations to the whole Atalaya Golf team and especially to Andrés for his good work in this remodelling.

This comment is in my humble opinion and there will always be different points of view, but a good hole is not necessary to be too long, is necessary that make you think from the first stroke to the last.

Thank you very much again and see you on the course enjoying this great sport and friends.”