After several weeks of closure as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Atalaya Golf & Country Club welcomed the reopening of the Old Course on Monday, the 18th of May. The weather cooperated perfectly, offering a beautiful Costa del Sol morning – full sun and wind free.

Members and guests gathered impatiently to once again take a crack at their favourite sport, after so many weeks of waiting.

But first – before teeing up on Hole Nº1 – a toast to the reopening of Atalaya’s kiosk with the first coffee.

President Michael Pollak, pictured in bright yellow and orange and a member of the Bad Boys’ group, kicked off the festivities by taking the first drive on Hole Nº1.

Pollak played with Mirko Bogdanov, Nick Fulford and Peter Hood.

Pictured with Atalaya’s Managing Director Andrés Sánchez Garcia (center) – Michael Pollak and Peter Hood (on the left) – Mirko Bogdanov and Nick Fulford (on the right).

The team of four watching the last putts on Hole 18 after exactly 64 days of the State of Alarm closed the course.

And finally, the end of the game – only with smiles and a wave…..

Right now hugs and handshakes are lacking. Physical contact to say congratulations and thanks is not permitted.

All of this is temporary. Better days will come. COVID-19 will eventually pass and everything will return to normal.