As you know, Atalaya Golf & Country Club has always been prone to having a varied and free wildlife thanks to its location.

The club’s management has always tried to take measures to ensure the well-being of those animals that take refuge in our courses, offering them a space where they can feel safe and free.

Last year we were lucky to have a litter of swans that was born inside our courses and this year we are very happy to have them again.

Those “ugly ducklings” that a year ago left Atalaya Golf to look for warmer areas to spend the winter have returned again transformed into beautiful swans.

The fact that these wonderful animals decide to return to Atalaya demonstrates how golf courses contribute to the development of wildlife and help animals by providing a refuge within the urban environment in which we live.

All this is due to our commitment to the environment and coexistence with wildlife.

Here we leave you a short video of the swans at Atalaya Golf: