The irrigation system has been tested and cycled to ensure smooth operation on the green, fairway and roughs.

The green is ready to be seeded in a few days, first finishing of the bunker and sodding the green surroundings in order to start with the seeding.

The course sand plus the “silice” sand layer and plastic liner are in place ready to receive the seed in accordance with the USGA recommendations

Atalaya Golf has followed the USGA recommended method of green construction as also the fairways and drainage construction methods for this new hole.

An onsite blending together of sand and organic matter to form an amended soil will be prepared for the fairways this will increase the rooting of the Bermuda 419.

Have in mind that we are using around the 1.500 ton of sand for this part of the fairway and green surroundings’, this means a coat of 12 to 15 cm of sand which will be fantastic.

After these works we will turf the fairway, followed lastly by the roughs bunker edges.

At the moment we are also finishing the buggy path of this hole to prevent any damage afterwards.

This sequence permits rather free access for men and machinery to move about without crossing newly planted areas.