All the work went to plan and with the desired quality, which meant that further work could continue.

The irrigation system that was installed is working perfectly, irrigating the green so that the Penncross seeds are able to germinate. Furthermore the temperatures that we are currently experiencing overnight (8-11 degrees), should not pose a problem.

The bunker on the right is practically done and will be finished in a couple of days. The grass bunker next to the green is complete with drains and Bermuda as well.

The onsite blending together of sand and organic matter to form an amended soil as been made and the sodding of the fairways with Bermuda 419 is proceeding.

Atalaya Golf has followed all recommendations and methods of the USGA in terms of the construction of the green, the fairway, the drains and the new hole.

Still finishing the sodding of the roughs and fairways as also the buggy paths in order to come to an end of the second phase of all the works of the green and surroundings.