We have lived an exciting three days of competition this week at Atalaya golf.

The Men’s Andalusian Cup 2022 has undoubtedly been an amazing tournament to start the year.

Despite the leadership of Kostka Horno and Matthis Besard in the competition during the first 2 days, it was finally Samuel Espinosa who took the first prize.

With a second consecutive round of 70 strokes (-2), Espinosa has achieved first place with an advantage of one stroke over Jorge Hao (-7) and two over Jaime Montojo (-6).

Final results:

1.- Samuel Espinosa 280 (72 + 68 + 70 + 70)

2.- Jorge Hao 281 (71 + 68 + 71 + 71)

3.- Jaime Montojo 282 (72 + 73 + 69 + 68)

Left to right: Jaime Montojo, Jorge Hao, Andrés Sánches (General Manager at Atalaya Golf) and Samuel Espinosa.

Andrés Sánchez receiving the metope of the RFGA on behalf of the Club.

At the end of the competition, Atalaya Golf received the metope of the RFGA (Andalusian Golf Federation) for the contribution of the magnificent Old Course. The Club has been thanked for the excellent condition of the Old Course, where the players faced each other in two splendid sunny days, a windy day and a rainy day.

A real test for these very young players!