Atalaya Golf & Country Club has always been a leader in providing the very best golf experience possible on the Costa del Sol, and player safety – especially now with the COVID-19 pandemic – is at the top of our list.

To enhance safety and provide an extra sense of security to both members and guests, Atalaya has purchased “touch free” ball removal devices for installation on all Old Course flagsticks. The devices will later be added to the New Course as additional stock becomes available.

With the “touch free” mechanism, players will be able to putt out into the hole and retrieve their ball without touching the flagstick.

After holing the ball, simply use the putter head to lift the ball with a “touch free” clip. The ball will eject from the hole and roll a short distance away. When using the device, the lifter never touches the flagstick nor the side of the cup, and the grass around the cup is not damaged, assisting positively in the maintenance of our greens

Atalaya’s new system not only allows players to enjoy their entire round without touching a flagstick but also without ever bending over to retrieve a ball out of the cup. What could be better!

The following VIDEO demonstrates how easy it is to use the innovative, “touch free” ball removal device.