A message and video from Andrés Sánchez Garcia, General Director of Atalaya Golf & Country Club.

Now with the high summer temperatures a perfect functional irrigation system is paramount.

Proper turf irrigation is the most difficult day-to-day agronomic decision the golf course head greenskeeper makes.

Often, and in particularly, in the summer with temperatures reaching the 40 -42º, terral wind, and high humidity, the decision must be made daily for various turfs and locations on the golf courses.

Golf course irrigation problems are unique because the variables are numerous, and many are beyond any reasonable degree of control.

In the video you can see on the fairway of New Course Hole 2 the leakage of a line of the irrigation of the fairway.

Pressure exceeding the normal operating pressure of the system sometimes produces leakages on the courses.

Please note that Atalaya Golf uses “agriculture water” from an acequia arriving from Benahavis hills for our Old Course greens and recycled water (wastewater effluent that has been further treated and disinfected to provide a non-potable water supply). Recycled water is safe and suitable for golf courses.