Atalaya Golf & Country Club is committed to providing the finest golf experience available on the Costa del Sol. Key to achieving this goal is insuring that the Club’s two championship courses remain in the best of conditions at all times, with full attention to maintenance, both remedial and preventative.

Recently, service access to maintenance equipment has been improved by the expansion of the Maintenance building, located between the Old Course “first-hole-green” and the Old Course “ninth-hole-tee-box”.

The new addition was constructed “in-house” by Atalaya’s greenkeepers. Although additions to maintenance structures are not necessarily considered glamorous, the expansion has freed up considerable staff time, as equipment no longer has to be moved in and out of the building for access or storage. The result is more time for the greenkeepers to do the actual work necessary for both courses to remain in superior condition.

Additionally, Atalaya’s management recently approved the rebuilding of the greens on the Old Course. It has been fifty years since the original greens were built. Over this time these original greens have experienced much wear and tear and many advances have been made in the science of green construction. Today modern technology allows greens to last much longer with less upkeep than was the case five decades ago.

The time is now at hand to reconstruct the greens to modern standards and playability. The reconstruction project will evolve over the coming years, with the greens in most need of attention being replaced first. Atalaya’s very knowledgable “in-house” greenkeeping staff will carry out all of the work, allowing Atalaya’s management team the ability to obtain the superb quality control necessary to maintain Atalaya’s reputation as “The Courses To Play”.

Work on Green 13 has already been completed. This green was plagued with inadequate drainage and invasion by a plethora of nasty, wild grasses so aggressive that they could not be controlled, even through the use of industrial, chemical treatments.

The “Green 13” project is proving to be an ambitious and exciting event, striving to maintain the character of the original von Limburger design and at the same time incorporating modern golf concepts to increase playability and challenges. With proper drainage and modern foundations, the new green will feature smooth and true surfaces on two tiers and the addition of more thought-provoking pin positions.

The prediction is for new Green 13 to be ready to play by mid-August, of course, dependent upon the weather and growth of the new surface. Until its inauguration the temporary green will remain in play for all of Atalaya’s golfers.

During your next round at Atalaya, take a moment or two to peek at the the expanded maintenance facility and the “all new” Green 13. You may, also, SEE BELOW some recent photos.