The protocol summarized below contains a series of mandatory measures for the safe practice of golf and for the protection of our staff during the current health situation caused by COVID-19.

It is based on Order SND/399/2020 published in the BOE (Boletín Oficial del Estado) on Saturday, the 9th of May, by the Ministry of Health and on the Guidelines and Recommendations for golf courses published on Monday, the 11th of May, by the Secretary of State for Tourism and approved by the Ministry of Health.

This protocol, which contains recommendations adapted to the characteristics of our club, will be in force at least while the State of Alarm lasts and during the successive extensions that could occur.

To this protocol specific items will be added to the services that will be opened. This protocol will always be kept updated on the website of the Club.

The opening of the club will be gradual, starting on the 18th of May, with the OLD Course, kiosk, driving range, caddy master’s office and our cleaning services. At a later date still to be decided and always within the limits allowed by the Transition Plan of the 28th of April 2020 and in accord with the protocols established for each of the services, other club services, such as the restaurant, will be gradually opened.

We thank all of you in advance – members, their guests and external golf players – for your strict compliance to this protocol.

And we remind you of the need to comply with the directives of the club’s staff.

Golf courses

The Old Course will be open to play from May 18th.

The New Course will open as soon as the volume of players justifies the need.


• Golf reservations can be made exclusively by phone at 952 882 812, by email at or through internet booking.

The course will be open from 10.00h until 20.00h.

Tee times will be from 10.00h and continue every nine (9) minutes in groups with a maximum of four (4) players. Social distancing MUST be maintained during the game. No visitors or caddies are allowed to accompany players.

All players should arrive not more than fifteen (15) minutes before their starting time dressed in appropriate golf attire and leave immediately after finishing their round of golf.

All players should go to the first tee not more than five (5) minutes prior to their starting time.


• External players, as well as the guests of members, will be able to play. Each must pay the appropriate external player or guest fee in advance at the caddy master by credit card, by bank transfer or through online bookings.

1. Flag

• Touching or removing the flag and flagstick is forbidden. A system has been implemented that allows the ball to be removed without touching the edge of the hole or the flag.

2. Pace of Play

• Allowing a following group to play through is NOT permitted. Kindly play at a proper pace and avoid slow play to be considerate of those behind you.

3. Accessories

• All rakes, benches, ball washers, bins and water coolers have been sealed or removed. Please do not touch any of the sealed items which remain.

4. Bunkers

• As a courtesy rule, it is recommended to smooth bunkers with one’s club or feet. A provisional local rule is instated that allows the player to replace the ball in the bunker within the distance of one club. Small personal rakes may be purchased at the caddy master.

5. Bathrooms

• All bathrooms on the course will remain closed.

Services and facilities

The following services and facilities will be subject to the the capacity limitation established by the Ministry of Health published in Order SND/399/2020 in the BOE.


The clubhouse will remain closed except for the caddy master’s office.


The driving range will be open with the obligation to maintain a safe distance of a minimum of two (2) metres at all times between/among people.

Hours of operation are from 08.00h to 19.00h.


Short game areas and putting greens will be open with the obligation to maintain a safe distance of the imposed two (2) metres at all times.

Practice balls will not be provided to clients/members for these areas.


Only the bathrooms located at the main entrance will be available in order to preserve the health of all members/clients.

These facilities will be disinfected after each use.


Administrative services will be open exclusively to members (mask compulsory) from 9:00h to 2:00h, Monday through Friday.


The Pro Shop will remain closed until further notice.

Tees, golf balls and gloves will be available for purchase at the caddy master.


• The Caddy Master will remain open from 10.00h to 19.00h every day of the week until further notice.

Tees, golf balls and gloves will be available for purchase at this office.

• Capacity is limited to two (2) members/guests/players.

• The protocol outlining all sanitary measures applicable to the caddy master is included as Annex 1.

• Only caddy master staff will be available. No starter or marshal shall be on the course until further notice.


The usual service will be offered.

• The bag storage rooms will be open from 10.00h until the closing of the golf course.

• All bag storage room lockers were disinfected on the 17th of May.


Locker Rooms will remain closed. Players must come to the club dressed to play golf.


Payments must be carried out exclusively by credit card or bank transfer.


There will be no tournaments until further notice.


Individual golf lessons may be provided by our Pros.The obligation to maintain a safe distance on the course or in the practice areas is mandatory. There will be no spectators.


• Practice Balls and Baskets will be available. They will be disinfected daily. Players must return baskets to the designated area for the purpose of disinfecting them.


The use of Buggies is allowed individually or as a family, providing family members live in the same household.

• Golf buggies will be thoroughly cleaned after each use with disinfectant products using a pressure machine.

• As an exception to the normal rule, four golf carts per game will be allowed.


Electric and Push Trolleys will be available. They will be manually disinfected after each use. Special emphasis will be given to the grip and the sandbox.


1. All staff will be equipped with masks and nitrile gloves throughout their working day. The temperature of each member of the staff will be measured daily before they start working.

2. Both members/clients and employees shall maintain a safe social distance from one another at all times while on club premises.

3. Members/clients and employees are strongly urged to stay at home if they have any symptoms.

4. Hydroalcoholic gels will be available to all members and clients at the caddy master’s entrance.

5. Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

6. It is recommended that all players leave the club directly after finishing their round of golf, practice session or lesson.

7. In light of the current challenging situation, all members and clients are encouraged to be very mindful of any littering (tobacco, candies, chocolate, water bottles, paper, ….) or food disposal in, on, around or throughout all club facilities given the fact that all waste bins have been temporarily sealed. Please collect your rubbish and dispose of it when you get home. Do not allow it to litter the golf course..

8. All services that are open will strictly comply with the measures established in the protocols approved by the Spanish Ministry of Health.

Annex 1


The following measures are based on the various instructions and recommendations outlined by the Ministry of Health. They are intended to ensure the safety of golf players and employees:

1. Maximum capacity: two (2) members/clients.

2. The temperature of the caddy master staff will be taken before the start of each working day.

3. Marks have been placed on the floor to ensure social safety distance.

4. A glass screen has been placed throughout the caddy master counter.

5. Individual attention will be guaranteed to the member/client maintaining appropriate social security distance.

6. Staff have received training and information about hygiene and the use of FFP2 masks and gloves.

7. Water-alcoholic gels will be available to members/clients at the caddy master’s entrance.

8. All payments must be made by credit card or bank transfer.