Old Course Fertilized

Atalaya Golf & Country Club’s greenkeepers have recently completed fertilising all fairways on the Old Course.

Who Chooses the Fertiliser

The serious decision of the specific fertiliser and fertilising program to use fell upon the shoulders of the supervising greenkeeper. Many variables were considered before making the final decision:

  • Overall conditions of the entire course
  • Specific areas on individual fairways
  • Type of carrier to be used
  • Rate and time of the application process

Factors in Choosing the Correct Fertiliser

Nutrient requirements for fairways vary. Consequently, choosing the correct fertiliser is somewhat complicated. The evaluation process includes:

  • Type of soil
  • Species of turfgrass
  • Climate
  • Ability of the soil to hold nutrients
  • Amount and quality of the water to be applied
  • Amount of play the course receives

Symptoms of specific nutrient deficiency, which are easily observed, are also confirmed through chemical testing before the final decision is made.

Normally for Atalaya’s early autumn application, a complete nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium fertiliser is used.

This year’s choice was to use a dry fertiliser, which is typically applied by using a centrifugal spreader.

Since it is preferable to water-in dry fertiliser applications to prevent foliar burn, we took advantage of nature and carried out our project just before the recent rains started.