Europe’s newest professional tour, the TOROTOUR, has chosen Atalaya’s championship Old Course as the venue for its second of nine 2021 winter series tournaments. The three-day event is slated for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, the 18th, 19th and  20th of January.

The innovative TOROTOUR brand was launched in 2020. The tour’s goal is to address the challenges of the current COVID_19 situation by “maintaining all government regulations” and at the same time organising a series of tournaments and inviting “…golfers from across Europe to come join us.”

Open to both men and women professionals and amateurs, the tour hopes to provide aspiring golfers not only a circuit of golf tournaments but also a place where they can come to practice and improve their golf skills and game.

The tour’s overall scheme is for professionals to compete during each tournament for a prize fund mounting to at least €4,800.00, based on 48 players.

Amateurs compete to earn World Amateur Golf Rankings (WAGR) points; these points enhance opportunities to secure sought after university scholarships. It should be noted that all tournaments conform to WAGR regulations, as detailed on the WAGR website (wagr.come). Amateurs also have the chance to learn from the professionals with whom they play.

The tour additionally offers a division for seniors, giving them the chance to gain insight and play alongside a group of highly talented, young players.

The vision for the TOROTOUR emerged as a result of the COVID_19 lockdown last year when many tournaments were cancelled in Southern Spain and all over Europe. These cancellations created a huge problem for young players who regularly rely on tournament play as a component of their training programs. TOROTOUR organisers took advantage of this void in tournaments to create a new tour right here on the Costa del Sol where a warm, temperate climate allows golf courses to remain in top-notch, tournament-ready condition all winter long.

Participants are charged an entry fee for each three-day tournament entered. These funds are used to cover the costs of green fees and prizes and for the professionals’ prize fund. As most young professionals have few or no sponsorships and as a result struggle financially, the tour offers sponsorships to the public to contribute to the professional players’ prize fund. For additional information go to:

Partnering with Peter Gustafsson of the PG Sports & Golf Academy at Atalaya, Atalaya Golf & Country Club and San Roque Golf Club, the TOROTOUR hopes “…to run the most cost effective yet professionally run events available in Europe this winter.”

The tour’s 2021 winter schedule is available at: