Even though a limited number of Atalaya’s greenkeeping staff are working during the current coronavirus crises, they are keeping very busy. Their goal is always to ensure that our facilities remain in the best condition possible.

One problem that Atalaya’s greenkeepers continually address is the removal of grass that grows from the rough into the buggy paths. Fortunately, they have a special cutting machine to help them during the removal process. Currently, our crew is moving from hole-to-hole on the Old Course to remove this invasive grass.

In another three or four months the process will be repeated once again. The work goes on almost continuously; however, this is what is required to keep our buggy paths nicely trimmed and free of debris.

To better understand what we are talking about, watch this video. 

You can easily see how Bermuda grass is literally covering the white out-of-bounds lines on Hole 1 and Hole 9 of the Old Course.