Norwegian professional Tina Mazarino, who is proudly sponsored by Atalaya Golf & Country Club, has been very busy during the 2021 golf season. She played nine out of 15 LETAccess (LETAS) tour tournaments and travelled all around Europe. Tina missed only one cut and finished the season 19th on the LETAS Order of Merit. 

“I am pretty happy with my technical development this year. My statistics show lower scores in tournament rounds. I hit longer drives, and I get closer to the flag on close up,” says Tina. 

The LETAS tour is sponsored by the Ladies European Tour (LET) and is a stepping stone for young professionals to earn a slot to play on the LET. 

Order of Merit

Tina’s goal during the 2021 season was to be one of the top six players on the LETAS Order of Merit. 

According to Tina, she would have needed to play a few more tournaments to achieve her goal. 

However, finishing in the top 21 on the Order of Merit provides Tina with advantages, and she is happy about that. She states that she has “a better category at the Ladies European Tour for the next season. It gives me direct access to the Q-School Final at La Manga [La Manga Resort in Cartagena, Murcia, Spain] in December which already includes a category that gives me 6-8 tournaments on LET in 2022,” 

Tina goes on to remark,” The better the result at La Manga the fuller category I can get on LET next year.”

Atalaya Sponsorship 

Golf courses in Norway are already closing down for the winter, and Tina is thrilled to be sponsored by Atalaya Golf and Country Club, where she can play year-around.

Atalaya provides her with a perfect facility to practice for Q-School in La Manga in December. She is also very happy to experience the warmer weather that the Costa offers. “I cannot tell you how much it means that Atalaya Golf gives me the opportunity to play and practice all year!” 

The all-year opportunity that Atalaya Golf provides to Tina is a lifesaver for her. “This summer I was injured for a few weeks and had to lay off competing but was able to travel to Atalaya for a slow restitution practice,” says Tina. “In the middle of the season it is extremely important for a player to practice at top quality courses and on top quality greens!”

Tina – A Great Ambassador for Atalaya

Tina goes on to say that in Norway “no golf course has similar golf conditions as on tour. Atalaya courses and practice fields are in such good condition and offer challenges similar to those I encounter on the tour. I can play the course short or long and with two such different courses there is nothing I can`t practice on. My weeks here in the spring, and in the summer, have been the biggest reason for my huge development progress this year.” 

Tina is a great ambassador for Atalaya. She regularly sends other players to Atalaya. In her words Atalaya is, “a place to thrive, exercise and meet many wonderful people.”

Follow Tina at the Q-school final via this link. The entire Atalaya Family wishes her great success.