Every year Atalaya Golf plants over 100 native trees and works on removing the very old eucalyptus trees which are diseased or dead and which are a danger for our golfers.

Eucalyptus trees have large masses of feeder roots close to the surface and are not desirable near putting greens, tees or fairways, causing not only mowing problems but also damaging the concrete buggy paths. When removing these trees, stumps are a huge problem as they are harder and very difficult to eliminate. 

To that end, Atalaya Golf has rented a Stump Grinder from Agronimer to accelerate this process and reduce damage to the mowers and buggies. As you can see in the video, this grinder is adaptable to tractors and the milling capacity of a disc with teeth is approximately 15-20 minutes to remove an entire tree stump. On this grinder, the flap guard is made of armoured mesh and chains, and collects the sawdust and clippings so we can reuse them on other parts of the golf courses. All is recycled!