Atalaya Golf & Country Club collaborates with the environmental company Ofitecma with their research to analyse the development of wildlife at Atalaya Golf. 

The goal of Atalaya’s collaboration with Ofitecma is to protect the species that are endangered at Atalaya, as well as in all of Andalusia, and to promote their breeding.

With two night cameras on the courses, the biologists can observe the points where the otters usually mark the territory and the ones they use to go to the ponds of the New Course.

These wonderful animals feel safe and secure and enjoy the freedom our courses offer. Insuring the well-being of all mammals, birds and fish is imperative for us.

Currently there are at least 3 otters using the golf course areas regularly: one male and two females (probably mother and daughter). The most interesting part is that one of the females shows clear signs of nursing (to calves that we have not seen so far, so they must be very small). We think it’s very possible that she gave birth inside the courses, because she’s appearing on camera basically every day. This is something that has never been verified for this species in any golf course in the world.

This also demonstrates the positive contributions of golf courses to the urban environment, serving as refuges and sanctuaries for wildlife and providing balanced ecosystems that help conserve species.

We would appreciate if any player or member of the club that has seen or sees an otter coming or going from a burrow in the coming weeks, to please communicate it to our staff