As you already know, on Sunday, the 15th of March, the Spanish government imposed a nationwide lockdown for a period of 15 days as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Then, on Sunday, the 22nd of March, prime minister Pedro Sánchez requested that Congress approve an extension of this original lockdown for an additional 15 days. Atalaya’s courses and facilities will now very likely be closed until at least mid-April.

In compliance with and in complete support of the government’s actions, all facilities at Atalaya Golf & Country Club are closed and will remain so until further notice.

During the period that we are closed, a reduced maintenance crew will continue to work to ensure that our two championship courses remain in pristine condition. To carry out all necessary tasks, two teams – one of six and the other of seven personnel – will alternate working from Monday through Friday.

This grounds’ staff will cut the greens three times a week, the fairways one or two times per week, as well as the roughs when necessary. Phytosanitary, herbicide and fertilizer treatments will be carried out as usual, and exceptional work, such as the cutting of dead and diseased trees between the 5th and 6th fairways on the Old Course, will be implemented.

Next week, the hollow tining of the greens, which was originally scheduled for the end of May through the beginning of June, will be carried out. This early hollow tining will allow Atalaya’s management to keep both courses open throughout the summer.

Additionally, Atalaya’s crew will take advantage of these weeks of closure to accomplish some small, maintenance projects at the clubhouse, such as changing all of the hot and cold water pipes on the lower level. After more than 50 years, the need is urgent to replace this infrastructure as a result of chronic leaks.

Both Atalaya’s management and personnel look forward to the day when we can once again open our doors. Until then, we remain fully committed to maintaining all facilities to the highest of standards.