It is often highlighted that the membership at Atalaya is truly international. Backing up that point  is one of our newest members, Italian born Manuela Esculapio, who is a highly regarded figure in a very different sport.

Manuela, why did you decide to join Atalaya?

A good friend of mine had told me all about the club, and when I came to play it was love at first sight. Two very different courses, and exactly what I was looking for to improve my game.

You have been at the club for only three months, how are you settling in?

The three months have flown by, and I am convinced that I made the right choice. In addition to the quality of the courses, I have been made to feel very welcome by the members, especially by the president and his wife who have helped me integrate into the club.

You are very well known for your career in the world of fitness and bodybuilding. Why golf?

When I finished my bodybuilding career and came to Marbella, one of the first things that I noticed was the number of quality golf courses in the area. I needed a sport where I could enjoy nature and at the same time allow me to test my potential in a very different way. Being used to competing in individual sports, firstly artistic skating and then bodybuilding, golf is another way of finding out how I can test my abilities to the maximum as an athlete.

In your career in bodybuilding, what is your proudest achievement?

I have been involved in sport since the age of seven, and I was lucky enough to win many national competitions as an artistic ice skater. Later in my career in bodybuilding I was honoured to achieve the highest award in the sport as Miss Olympia Amateur and my Professional Card in 2018 in Italy in the Ifbb Pro League in the Category of Women’s Figure.

Do you still participate in events?

After winning the title in 2018, I decided to dedicate myself to coaching, and, in particular, develop a new way of training to improve the performance of golfers.

As a fitness coach, will you be on hand to help the members at Atalaya?

It would be fantastic to organise specific training sessions here at the club, for example warm up and cool down routines, how to prepare your body for a round of golf, stretching and strengthening to improve your swing.

A warm welcome to Manuela from all of us here at Atalaya Golf.