For players, one of the most important parts of a golf course are the greens, as this is the place where all the balls always land. That´s why they are the most important area of a golf course and where no mistakes are allowed.

The fundamental attributes of the greens are: smoothness, consistency, resiliency, firmness and it´s speed. 

The greens built according to USGA regulations have several factors that influence their condition and quality:

  • The height and frequency of cuts.
  • The variety of the plant. 
  • The type of mowers (condition of the cutting units, whether they have rollers, brushes, combs,…).
  • Weeds, as they cause a different golf ball rolling result.
  • Irrigation and water assimilation by the green.
  • Thatch.
  • Climate (temperature, shadows, wind,…).
  • And above all, the number of players.

In Atalaya Golf we are aware of the importance of the quality of greens for the game and we act according to the expectations of our players. That is why we always carry out several analyses of our greens and we hollow tine in the first week of June and in September (depending on the temperatures) so that our greens are in the best shape possible.

This year after having carried out the analysis we have decided to go for a deep tine with solid spikes and a second shallower tine also with solid spikes. 

In this process we used silica sand, which allows decompaction, moisture retention, aeration and change of structure of the root zone of the grass used on the green.

This sand is raked to fill all the holes, fertilised with a slow released fertiliser and then irrigation is activated to reduce the risk of sunburn.

The first few days we usually cut these greens after 2 days with older machines so that the sand does not damage the blades of the newer machines. 

During the tine process we usually take the opportunity to reseed the poorer areas of the greens to bring them to their maximum splendour. Ten days after having started the tine we can say that the greens are 100% recovered so that our players can enjoy their game and have the best quality of the greens.