On Tuesday, 3rd June, the Guadalhorce Golf Course hosted the course of Service to the client, motivation and leadership given by the Professor Domènec Biosca, expert in Tourism industry and author of more than 33 books.

This blended learning course, which aims to know the standards of excellence, improve the quality level on the golf courses, learn to be self-critical with the service provided to clients and learn to manage critical situations with players and customers.

During the course were developed the following subjets:

1. New and demanding customer expectations.

2. Excellence, how is it get?

3. What is quality?

4. The 10 behaviors of a real host.

5. How to create a host team?

6. How to manage proposals and/or reviews of customers to achieve excellence?

7. How to manage real-time customer satisfaction?

8. How to get out of the comfort zone to get a new success?

This course, which has been also provided in Mallorca and Marbella, will continue to provide for directors and staff of golf courses in the areas of Levante, Catalonia and Madrid. In fact, in Madrid and Catalonia already has opened the period of reservation and practically is already completed.