The tournament, which was a success for the organization and convocation, born in the spirit of continuity.

Fruit of the shared passion for golf equipment SUR deutsche Ausgabe German newspaper got to work a few months ago by the club Atalaya Golf and Country Club in organizing the I Golf Tournament SUR German. “We have a section devoted to golf, because we know the importance of this sport among our readers and advertisers,” says the coordinator of the German sports supplement SOUTH and one of the organizers of the event, Fabian Pakulat, who recalls that the initial proposal came from those responsible for the Atalaya Golf, a club born in 1968 that had not yet started planning proliferation in the Malaga coast.

More than ninety participants in the tournament were able to enjoy the nature and beauty of the club, which has two fields, each 18hoyos:

– Old Course, which was designed by Bernard von Limburger, Golf champion of Germany in 1925. This is characterized by its wide fairways and greens high.

– New Course, par 71, created in 1990 by Paul Krings: lies further inland, but also gives the feeling flat course, with wide fairways and greens fast.

For six months, the event organizers worked to add the largest number of sponsors of the initiative. Foot & Sports Clinic Marbella, Dr. Frühbeck Abogados, Immo F1 Car Gallery, Beautworld, Da Bruno and Hainzl and Partner Versicherungen SL They made possible by sponsoring an event born with the idea of ​​continuity and that was a success.

The day began at 9:30 am with the reception of the participants and the game lasted past noon.

All players received by the organization with a welcome bag containing towels, backpack Málaga CF, a commemorative book of the 75th anniversary of SUR and some other surprises. Although at first the weather looked like they were not going to join in the end they were favorable and could enjoy a pleasant day which should be emphasized quality lawn and picnic offered by the organization during the game development.


Prior to the awards ceremony, participants could taste some snacks Nueva Kaskada restaurant and champagne, sponsored by Beautyworld.

Two trophies in the men who fell on Helmut Brune and Jose Romero were distributed; and one in the female form, which went to Karin Hesse.

Among the prizes, bonuses DaBruno, Longhorn del Sol, Nueva Kaskada and Fiorentina restaurants and gift vouchers for Golfriendshop in Estepona and treatment ‘Golf Concept’ Dr. Spurek, of the Foot & Sports Clinic divided Marbella.

Diario Sur – Costa del Golf.