Thanks to this Solidarity Golf Tournament at Atalaya Golf on 18 May, the FCS will be able to allocate the money raised to two projects. The first of these will be the purchase of a fridge for the paediatric haematology onco consultations. Its main purpose will be to store the medication given to families for home administration to children. This will allow oncologists and haematologists to have quick access to medicines, reducing the waiting time for both sick children and their families during consultations, which are often lengthy due to tests and check-ups.

Secondly, we would like to highlight and acknowledge, with a special nod to the staff on the fourth paediatric oncology floor, who care for the children and families we work with on a daily basis at FCS. To make their long and difficult working days a little more bearable, we will provide them with a television. This will give them a brief respite and allow them to enjoy a little bit of peace and quiet. Even if it’s only for a few moments.