We continue with the remodelling of the practice areas between holes 17 and 18. The first to be completed were the greens and bunkers, after which we began with the most delicate work.

For this work it is essential to work manually, we have to spread the cuttings (rhizomes and stolons) of the new variant of mini Bermuda that will be applied on the greens. After this, the rest of the practice area around the sprinklers, greens and bunkers will be mopped to cover the rest of the practice area.

The irrigation has been tested and programmed to ensure that it is fully functional without any complications.

Sensitive areas, those around the bunkers, have been covered with sod. Fertilisation will be frequent and light in order to keep the grass strong with active growth, as well as watering these areas to prevent the soil surface from drying out.

Time will now establish and mature the grass, resulting in a fantastic training facility at Atalaya golf.