With a solid commitment to continually expand its green space, Atalaya Golf & Country Club is currently planting 60 Leyland cypress trees on the west side of the Club’s new parking facility. The trees, that today stand some 5.5 metres each, will cover the perimeter of the car park and create a beautiful, hedge-like atmosphere, erasing the structure’s sterile, concrete walls.

Atalaya chose the Leyland cypress because of the species’ fast-growing qualities – mounting to heights of more than 15 metres over a ten-year period. The trees also have the ability to grow in even the most difficult of soil conditions.

With soft, feathery foliage Leyland cypress are gentle to the touch and stay green year around. Known for their hedge-like qualities, these trees grow uniformly and symmetrically, and if planted side-by-side they create a dense, natural, living wall.

Atalaya’s new Leyland cypress add a luxuriant, green zone to the area surrounding Atalaya’s car park. They are transforming an area that could have remained unappealing to the eye into a vibrant and welcoming space. This step is just one of the many examples that showcase Atalaya’s sincere commitment to a green and sustainable future.