It has been 12 days since the State of Alarm was proclaimed by the Spanish government confining us to our homes as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to the general concerns that we are experiencing about staying safe, for many of us the days seem unusually long. To help pass the time and provide relief from our confinement, experts recommend exercising and practising sports.

Valentina Albertazzi, the promising, young amateur, who is sponsored by Atalaya Golf & Country Club is taking the advice of the experts to heart.

Before the outbreak of the coronavirus, Valentina was attending university in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where she was involved in an intensive, golf training program. Upon the closure of her campus and the cancellation of both her classes and tournaments, she returned to her residence in Spain.

However, Valentina’s return to Spain and the obstacles created by the current, mandated lockdown have in no way squelched this rising star’s commitment to continue her intensive training program. She has ingeniously installed a temporary driving range in the garden of her home. Her training regime continues non-stop, even though she is unable to use the club’s practise facilities or play on our golf courses.

Valentina’s motivation is an inspiration to all of us. You, too, can follow in her footsteps by doing your daily exercise routine and practising your swing and putting at home!