Here you can see some pictures of the works realized on the 1st green of our Old Course.


Installation of the Lake liner.

Tube connections to the river (arqueta).

Right side black tube for emptying the lake. On this tube we will install the tap to opening when cleaning the lake.

The small tube is for the water coming from the drain beneath the liner/lake.

Arqueta with all the connections.


Area where we will install the water plants. Here we had to adjust the design of the lake in order to prevent that we could see the liner.

Drainage installed under the lake to prevent the liner to rise.

Manholes on the grass bunker and fairway.

Grass bunker.

Bunker. Shape is much better, not so deep and visible from the fairway.

This right hand side area has been taken into the hole; it increases the building site in about 25% extra playing ground. Buggy path will be built in a different level to prevent confusion with the buggy path of the New Course.

View of the building site green 1.