Today we would like to share with you the video of the interview made to one Atalaya Golf member, Aurelio Rodríguez, renowned artist, hyperrealist portraitist, as well as being a golf player.

Here you have some information about his biography and images of his works:

He was born on May 8th, 1958 in Génave, Jaén. Between 1968-75 he studies at Stma. Trinidad de Baeza Grammar School and obtains his A levels. Takes his first art lessons at Baeza Art School by Mr Juan de Dios Muñoz Valor.

In 1978 he joins art lessons at Soto Mesa Art School in Madrid. In 1979 it takes place his first individual exhibition at Song Parnass Pub in Madrid.

In 1991 he moves to Tenerife where he stays for 2 years. This year takes place his first exhibition in Germany. In 1992 he participates in Mr Guillermo Batista Díaz’s sculpture courses, Arona, in Tenerife.

In 1995 it takes place his first retrospective exhibition at the Regional Government Headquarters, in Madrid. Also he travels to Florida and exhibits in ART MIAMI.

In 1996 he travels to the Kingdom of Bahrain to carry out a commission by the Royal Court. In 1997 he participates in a course in Etchings by Mr José M. Córdoba, in Fuengirola.

In 1998 he starts incorporating acrylic plaster constituting a new line in his artistic creation in his new studio. Participates in a course in Aquatint by Mr José M. Córdoba, in Fuengirola.