Short update of our summer Works at Atalaya Golf. The provisional tee is grown in well enough to open for play.

We reviewed the plans and went through the proposed construction program.

Some adjustments to the project were discussed on site, mostly reduction in pipe required for irrigation and drainage. DK will update the drawings accordingly.

Machines and materials will enter the construction site via the maintenance compound.

The area on and around the current 10th provisional green will be used to stockpile materials and store equipment

Construction started last Tuesday, 28th June with site preparation, removal of irrigation heads, fountain, benches, etc.

A provisional path for the players will be cut in and capped with fine gravel to lead them to the provisional tee along the left side of the hole.

An excavator will remove grass from the professional tee and extend the platform with soil taken from the putting green extension. Root zone sand, from the provisional green will be used to construct the tee and putting green. Both the professional tee and putting green will be sodded and the area completed so that we will be able to used the turf and root zone from the provisional green before it is destroyed.

At the same time, the fairway will be stripped of grass so that we will be able to commence earthmoving.

The provisional kiosk is in place and will be opened as soon as we install all the equipment and connections to it.

These works are part of a Masterplan investment of over € 2,500,000 from 2016 to 2017, with 1st hole completely renovated, new kiosk, purchase of 3,500 m2 and building a parking for 150 vehicles.

Always during the works of the hole 1, you be able to play the 18-hole Old Course without affecting the game.