Atalaya Golf & Country Club constantly strives to provide state-of-the-art equipment to its grounds staff. The goal is always to assist these dedicated workers to more effectively and efficiently carry out their everyday tasks. To this end Atalaya has recently purchased a Toro Versa-Vac for faster clean-up of fallen leaves, branches, and bark.

The 1,043 kilo (2,300 pound) big, red hoover, with its large capacity hopper, is already proving its worth, making even the most difficult of clean-up jobs quite simple. According to Atalaya’s Director General Andrés Sánchez, the new vac should be especially helpful “after a day or days with heavy wind”.

More technically speaking both the deck and the trailer function hydraulically and are operated from seat controls. The Toro product information guide recommends using, “…. the proven rubber finger deck for effective sweeping, then switch to the combination deck and start verticutting for overseeding, core pulverization, or de-thatching.”

For a short video of Atalaya’s new work horse in action on Hole One of the Old Course, please SEE below.