The interior of Atalaya Golf & Country Club’s clubhouse is being renovated this summer. The project began yesterday, Monday, the 27th of May. Projected duration of the renovation is seven weeks.

Due to the refurbishment the Ventanas de Atalaya restaurant will close for a three-week period and will reopen on Monday, the 17th of June. During the three-week period that the restaurant is closed, the Kiosk will be open as usual, seven days a week, from 08h00 – 19h00.

During the renovation the restaurant’s bar area will be completely rebuilt. All carpet will be removed, and ceramic tiles will be installed.

In the dining area and bridge room, carpet will be replaced with new flooring.

A stylish lighting system will create a warm and glowing atmosphere and add much needed brightness to the facility. Painting and freshening will cast a light, airy touch.

Automatic sliding doors will be installed at the entrance, offering an up-to-date, contemporary look. These doors will also help to keep the cold outdoors where it belongs during the winter months.

The hope is for Atalaya’s clubhouse to gain a completely new image – an upbeat and welcoming, modern atmosphere without losing the cosy and relaxing ambiance that has always made an after-golf or special occasion visit to this charming retreat so memorable.