Atalaya Golf & Country Club has always been committed to the environment and to green energy, and now we are taking the step to collaborate with Tesla, the North American Electric Car Company. Together we are accelerating the arrival of sustainable transport and expanding the charging network for electric car drivers.

Strategically located on the Costa del Sol, between Marbella and Estepona, Atalaya has decided to join the new charging network for Tesla electric vehicles by providing “Destination Charging”, which will offer easier battery recharging to thousands of users who have decided to lead a lifestyle that is more respectful to the environment.

Shortly, you will be able to charge your Tesla in the new Atalaya parking facility while enjoying a magnificent day of golf on either or even both or our two highly rated, 18-hole courses. The chargers will be available to owners of Tesla cars to add up to 100 km of range per hour of charging. Atalaya’s new parking garage will also offer an additional three EV charging stations that are compatible with the other brands of electric vehicles.

You can now find Atalaya Golf on the Tesla platform network, where we receive high visibility by automatically appearing in the browsers of all Tesla vehicles in circulation in the world. Click here.

Both Atalaya and Tesla are proud to partner with this initiative and contribute to providing a more sustainable means of transport!

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