Atalaya Golf & Country Club team has started today with the second module of the customer service training.

In order to improve the customer service for our members and clients, our team started the first module of the course for excellence in customer service last March 29th. 

In the last session they started their training by learning about the “Corporate Customer Service Protocols”, “Excellence in Customer Service” and “Empathy and Co-responsibility towards the Customer”. Today, in this second session they will focus on the second module to learn about “Techniques and Skills to Enhance Assertiveness in the Work Environment”, “Emotional Management and Conflict Management” and “Self-motivation”. This second module will take place between today and April 7th.

At the same time, our employees have the opportunity to continue training online on topics related to the above mentioned during almost the whole month of April to strengthen and expand what they have learned in these days and improve other skills.

We would like to congratulate and support the work of our employees, who feel the same desire as we do to give the best service to each one of our customers.

Here are some pictures of the second module session.